Hi! My name is Courtney Chetister and I’m currently a junior here at UMW. I am a studio art major, who is also in the College of Education on the track of becoming an art teacher. Outside of class, I’m a part of the Student Art Association, Student Education Association, and the Photography club. I also love to explore new places, especially art museums and galleries because it helps me get more inspiration for my own art.

I’m excited to be a Domain Fellow, because it gives me the opportunity to make a site to display my work in a digital portfolio. One of the most important things as an artist is getting your work out there for people to see, and I think this is a great avenue in order to achieve more viewers. I have also never been very tech savvy, so this is a way for me to get more acquainted with my digital footprint that is out there and be able to control how I am viewed online.