Life after college can be scary. It’s full of excitement, but ultimately confusion and hours applying for jobs. Whether you know what you want to do in life, or feeling left in the dust, adjusting to life post grad is never easy. There’s so much to be worried about, however having a Domain is one less worry in my book.

I have spent most of my time working on my own domain: I use this domain to showcase my work at various news stations, previous internships, and all the work I have done during my undergrad education. I have spent time working on posting my favorite research papers, projects, and digital media portfolio on one site that my future employers can look at and admire when being considered for a job. In addition to school work, I also have links to my music that is streamed on iTunes and Spotify. I use my domain as an all-access pass to who I am in the digital world. I love having a place where I have all my work in an organized fashion because it truly makes a difference when applying to jobs and future opportunities.

Having a domain might seem like it’s not a big deal, but for me it’s truly my everything. As someone who is entering the work force with a desire to work as a social media analyst, having my own domain is sort of my proof that tells an employer or boss, “Hey! I know how to internet!!”

My site has taken a lot of time and hours, but the key is to keep adding content and work throughout the months. Whenever I apply for jobs and internships I ALWAYS link my website because it’s kinda like extra brownie points. Some of my past internships have even told me how much they love my domain. I recently met up with a past employee that I worked with at ABC7. She has been a reporter for almost 10 years, and after seeing my domain she strived to make a site where she could upload all her work just like I did. She told me I inspired her to take her work to the next level, so we met at a Starbucks one Sunday afternoon and from that we created her very own domain!

It’s the little things like meeting up with an old co-worker that makes the difference in the workforce. I can’t wait to keep expanded and adding to my domain. It’s my favorite place on the internet, and it’s truly MY OWN place to be me.