I never imagined a simple class project would become an audio journal where my best friend, Sarah, and I share our hearts for everyone to hear, but I have to admit it is one of my favorite projects ever. Together, Sarah and I created the podcast, Two Talking Teacups to share our feelings, thoughts, and ideas about topics we encounter all the time as students, women, and writers. The idea behind the podcasts is that we converse over cups of tea, or coffee, or smoothies (although our first love is tea) and share what has been on our hearts lately.


The idea for a podcast came first with our love of listening to podcasts. We loved how people could talk about things that were important to them via this medium and we listen to different podcasts all the time. At the end of the day, both Sarah and I are storytellers. We are writers who love to create and share things happening in our lives, new perspectives, and stories. Every time we had a deep conversation last fall we were wishing we could share it with others. At first, we were joking about making a podcast and said, “I wish we were recording this!” Little did we know our dream would come true. A digital studies project of mine arrived and I asked her if we could make our dream podcast a reality, and the rest is history. We created four podcasts about things we found relevant and important to talk about as students and spent a lot of time recording, editing, and sharing.


Over the break we both decided we missed recording the podcast and that we really wanted to continue it. Now we are trying to record and share every week and build up our group of listeners. We upload our podcast onto YouTube and share with our listeners via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has been a new challenge for us and we have just really gotten started. We have already made a few friends along the way!


I have to say that if you have a similar dream of creating a digital project, but are unsure if you can do it, trust me you can! Now Sarah and I have a digital record, if nothing else, of our friendship, the ideas we shared, and even had a small audience of family and friends. I think it is beyond worth it to take the step we did to record that day in late October last year at our kitchen table over two cups of tea. If you are unsure as to how to go about creating your digital project, you should check out the resources at UMW, such as the DKC!


This podcast is just one of the many projects I share on my personal domain, sophiageron.com. This website has really become a corner of the internet where I can share all the work I am doing as a podcaster, poet, and student. I highly encourage anyone who has a similar dream to try it out and use your domain as a place to share your brilliant work.