I don’t have an incredible following on social media, though I acknowledge don’t actively try to achieve one. My initial project idea was to get ideas from others for tales I could tell. I posted my first Facebook story asking for short creative writing prompts and got a whopping two responses. One of them was from a cousin of mine, who had a cool idea but it wasn’t exactly a creative writing prompt as it was more of a science essay prompt. The other response was from a close friend of mine, and her idea led to the story Go for the gold(fish). Helpful in getting started, but not necessarily a sustainable source of ideas.

After that first attempt, I thought I’d try instagram to get responses, but before I could do that I had ideas already popping into my head. Pouring some half-and-half into a mug of coffee, I admired how the creamer billowed into the translucent coffee and I thought, not for the first time, how much I loved that sight. This sparked the idea within me of taking a series of aesthetic videos and combining them. And thus, the aesthetic video medley was born.

My original goal of soliciting ideas from outside sources sounded like an interesting way to push my creativity, but in actuality it wasn’t what I needed. I figured out what I needed was to feed my creativity what it wants, not what others’ sense of creativity needs, and my creativity wants to MAKE THINGS. Outside input can help idea generation, but for me taking a small idea and messing around with it until it became something much larger proved much more effective.

All along, during the process of starting to work on a project, the ideas began to flow faster and faster. Asking for help in the beginning was a great push into getting the projects going, but afterward I was able to start them on my own. My ideas got stronger and were able to swing on the swingset of my creativity on their own (okay that doesn’t exactly make sense but hopefully you get my point, I also really love swings).

tldr; I figured out that (for me) simply making things gets ideas moving and boosts creativity. If you sit around waiting for your next big idea to pop into your head, it will never arrive on its own. Instead, put some shoes on and get out there.