Elaina’s Domain of One’s Own Project


Imagine Kim Kardashian meets Washington, DC- that’s what I strive for. As a pop culture enthusiast and news junkie, my Domain of One’s Own can be considered my place on the internet where I tell my future employers, “I know how to Internet, and I can do it pretty damn well.”

For my project I am focusing on perfecting my domain as my place to showcase all my undergraduate work from research papers to music performances- my domain is my personal journey through college where I show all the work I’ve done during these long four years. As a communication and digital media studies major as well as a music technology major, I have been spending time trying to combine these two majors into one place on the internet. I wanted to combine music and my communication work onto one site, but to plan this out it took many trials. I finally found a theme that would go great with my digital strategist vibe that could ALSO make me look like a musician all in one. Combining these two majors on to one site has been sort of a struggle, but I have finally found a happy medium that is my domain: www.elainafinkelstein.com.

I wanted to perfectly capture everything I love: the internet, social media, and music.

During the course of this school year, I plan to use domain fellows to push myself out of my WordPress comfort zone and create a site I am super proud of that I can use to apply to future jobs that employers will see. However, most importantly, I am striving to find MY place and to create my safe haven on the internet that perfectly displays my work and my love for the internet.

Throughout this semester I plan to create, write, and produce more content to go on my site. I currently work at CBS (WUSA) in Washington, DC and spend most of my time playing around on the set of a real news station, cutting clips, and writing news articles. I intend to spend this semester finding a way to perfectly incorporate all my work I will be doing at CBS on my domain.

I can’t wait to keep adding and creating to my site, and I can’t wait to blog my journey with you!

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January 31, 2018