Jacqueline’s Digital Ancestry Project

In August of 2018, I bought a DNA kit from 23andMe; the goal was to gain more insight on my ancestry, specifically about my mother’s side, and confirm some family stories. When I got my results back in September, I wasn’t really surprised from my results. 

I knew that African and European would show up on my results. My grandparents, on my dad’s side, had already taken the test months before I did; both my Grandmother and Grandfather had European and Sub-Saharan African in their DNA. I also knew that I would be a little bit Native American because my grandmother, on my mom’s side, is Jamaican. I didn’t know how it would appear in the results, but I was surprised by the amount of ethnicities in my results. Excluding the broadly categories, there are 11 different ethnic groups that appear in my test. It also became very apparent that I do not know much about other cultures. 

This realization lead me to creating this website.  For a digital studies class, we had to create a project that related to our digital identity. I knew I wanted to do some research on how DNA test work, my ethnicities, and if  DNA test affect our digital privacy. Because I was going to do a lot research, I wanted to dedicate it all to a website; That way in the future, some of my current and future relatives could go to this site and learn more. 

I divided my ethnic groups into three categories: research, experience, and fun facts. For Research, I picked a cultural topic and give a brief description about it. Some of the ethnic groups that appeared in my results were places that I have been too. In the Experience post, I talk about what it was like to live/visit that country. Finally the Fun Facts post are random cool facts I learned from my research. (If you would like to read my posts, go to the menu bar above)

Researching and creating this website was a lot of fun. It made me feel closer to my heritage and my family history. Doing a DNA test, is one of the best decisions I have made and I highly recommend it.

-Excerpt from Jacqueline’s website